Month: April 2014

First post

This is going to be my first post. I’m on WordPress! Yay!

I will be talking about things that I am interested in and hopefully get some positive feedback, some new online friends and some intellectual discourse.

Things that I am interested are social justice, particularly the fat acceptance movement, religion and philosophy, photoshopping, among other things.

A little about myself, I am a 34 year old woman who is hearing impaired, has bi-polar and Asperger’s Disorder, of which I probably will be blogging about that as well.

As I said above I am interested in the fat acceptance movement. Why? It is a movement that I feel is very much in need given that we live in a society that puts the thin ideal on a high, unattainable pedestal. It is much needed because women and men suffer from low self esteem, confidence, etc because of the constant bombardment of propaganda from the media. Everywhere we go, we see magazine covers that portray beautiful people, tabloids that blast celebrities for even having a smidgen of cellulite, numerous articles on the internet about the “obesity epidemic,” and publications both online and off about dieting.

People that fall short of the beauty ideal, particularly fat people, are ostracized, marginalized and discriminated. One only needs to read the anecdotes from blogs such as First Do No Harm, Fat Heffalump, and This Is Thin  Privilege in order to see that such discriminatory behavior against fat people is a common occurence.

Another reason I want to blog about the fat acceptance is that it helps me. I am one of those millions that suffer from low self-esteem, low self confidence, and low self worth. Part of this is, I will say, part of my mental disorders. However, I see the same type of media portraying perfect bodies and flawless faces and I see and read the numerous posts of fat hate on the Internet and I feel that if I can somehow make a small contribution to fat acceptance movement; it will not only help me but maybe, just maybe, I could help someone else out there. Perhaps it can be a woman who has dieted on and off for years and feels like a failure each time she gains weight. Perhaps it could be a teenager being picked on for his weight and seeing a blog where acceptance of one’s body in a positive way could lift him/her spirits up. Perhaps it could be someone who works in the field of psychology or nutritional studies, what have you, that could be spurned to see the other side of the “obesity epidemic.”

All of these are valid reasons that a small part can make a difference.

I will do my best to be informative, check and re-check my sources and to contribute to a growing Internet community that focuses on group and personal experiences; that deal with such issues as fat acceptance, body positivity, and mental health of such topics I find the most interest in.

I do hope that what I write will be thought provoking and engaging.

I want for people to consider that some things that are out there, in the media, or elsewhere isn’t always what they say it is. Nor what it seems to be. I hope to promote critical thinking on some of these topics and I hope for more intellectual, stimulating conversations on these topics.

So this is all I have to blog for now. I will be back eventually when some more ideas come to me.

Dow Jones