The National Bar Association Is Questioning The Grand Jury Decision, Releases Statement

I do hope that something comes out of this. It is a travesty that Darren Wilson is able to get off scot free while his victim doesn’t have a way to defend himself, because he’s you know, dead. This truly is a sad thing. Hopefully the feds do get involved and Michael Brown gets his justice.

The Urban Daily

Grand Jury Decision Reached In Ferguson Shooting Case

After it was announced that the grand jury in Clayton, Mo. decided not to indict officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown, many are wondering how they came to that decision, including the National Bar Association.

The bar association released a statement:

The National Bar Association is questioning how the Grand Jury, considering the evidence before them, could reach the conclusion that Darren Wilson should not be indicted and tried for the shooting death of Michael Brown. National Bar Association President Pamela J. Meanes expresses her sincere disappointment with the outcome of the Grand Jury’s decision but has made it abundantly clear that the National Bar Association stands firm and will be calling on the U.S. Department of Justice to pursue federal charges against officer Darren Wilson. “We will not rest until Michael Brown and his family has justice” states Pamela Meanes, President of the National Bar…

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